The Chairman's Message

All significant achievements in the world start with a small step. The Sultan Group began with a small step in the mid 1950’s, when a hard working man started to build homes in his community, and established his construction company in Dubai, which was then, a small trading port on the Gulf coast.

Since then, with his hard work, determination, and most importantly, his building of Trust and Goodwill, his company grew to become a major player in the construction industry in Dubai.

As I was entrusted with the Management responsibility of the Company, I continued to be inspired by the same vision and guiding principles. I also recognized the need to modernize the Company and achieve growth, by diversifying its activities into areas such as Real Estate holdings, Healthcare by establishing the first 3 pharmacies, and Interior Decoration & Furniture manufacturing.

The third generation is now being prepared, and I am very pleased to note that it is also guided by the same uncompromising principles of hard work, Integrity, High Moral Values, and Goodwill building.

The UAE, and Dubai in particular has seen an unparalleled growth in size, population, and modern infrastructure over the last 3 decades, and has become the undisputed hub of Business and High Technology in the Middle East. All forecasts for the next decade predict this growth to increase exponentially, with the Dubai Leadership focusing on Tourism, local industry, the Media and Communication Industry.

We at the Sultan Group, are well positioned to become a major player in the growth of Dubai, and a major player in the Middle East Construction, Trade and Industry. We are constantly looking at opportunities for growth, and at investing in activities that add value to our Shareholders, Customers, Partners and Employees.

Following is a summary Profile of the Sultan Group.

Qassim Sultan Albanna